Tuesday, January 13, 2009

.......To The Sand On Wednesday!

This is what I love about living in Phoenix! We're two hours from the ski slopes in Flag, 4 hours from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and another 4 from the dunes in California. For people who don't fly, we couldn't ask to be in a better location! So we headed off to the Imperial Sand Dunes just outside of Yuma for New Years. The weather was absolutely fantastic! It was light clothing almost the whole time we were there. The wind was down all until the last day - the wind is death in the dunes. You can't do anything! We met several friends out there and just had a great time.

We stay out on Ogleby Road. I don't have the stamina for Glamis! This is the view from the top of Patton Hill in Patton Valley. It's a popular running hill and quite a ways up there! Apparently General Patton trained his troops in this valley. I'm not confident of the veracity of that statement, but that's what I've been told...... And this is the view from the top looking down. Click on the pic - those are actual sand cars down there. It's a long way down.....

The kids always want to take the sleds. They enjoy sledding in the sand almost as much as the snow! It's a bit slower of a ride though. Kyle likes to be dragged behind the Ranger on the sled, but that makes me very nervous!

Vendor row is always fun, but there wasn't a ton of stuff I was interested in this time. We got some awesome deals on goggles the last time, but they weren't making those deals this weekend. After the vendors, we like to stop at the sand drags for a bit. There wasn't a ton of stuff going on there, but some of the sand cars were HOT! There was an Arctic Cat UTV that was just screaming down the track - I had no idea those things could move like that!

The kids can only watch it for so long and then they resort to other forms of entertainment - like digging body-sized holes! It keeps them busy and away from the 'front lines' of the drags.

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dmarie said...

okay...reading some of that was like a foreign language to me...never been to the sand dunes...but it looks like FUN!!