Monday, February 23, 2009

...and a couple of tra la la's

.....that's how we pass the time away in the merry ol' land of Oz! Oz Book swap page here. Guess my theme? Can't quite put your finger on it, huh? Well, okay - I'll tell you. It's the Poppy Fields! I know - that was a tough one - you'll get it next time. This book will have 20 pages, all with a Wizard of Oz theme. This ought to be a really good one. Aside from being one of my all time favorite movies, there is just so much rich material there for interpretation. I can't wait to see it. I'm sure it'll be a beauty!

O- lee-um. O-LEE'-um. O-lee-um. O-LEE'-um. 'nuff said.

T is for Tag Art

These are my offerings for a 3 x 3 alphabet book. You had to make your art representational of your letter not just a bunch of fancy letters on the page. I had T, so I chose tag art. Most of the pages I did were the flowers with only a few being the others. It was fun and pretty stress free - which is important to me right now! They're off in the mail now and I should have the entirety of the book back sometime in mid March. I'm sure it'll look great with my numbers book!