Monday, February 23, 2009

T is for Tag Art

These are my offerings for a 3 x 3 alphabet book. You had to make your art representational of your letter not just a bunch of fancy letters on the page. I had T, so I chose tag art. Most of the pages I did were the flowers with only a few being the others. It was fun and pretty stress free - which is important to me right now! They're off in the mail now and I should have the entirety of the book back sometime in mid March. I'm sure it'll look great with my numbers book!


dmarie said...

you need to teach classes. i wouldn't begin to know what to do to create the things you do! the tags are fabulous!! i mean, they're no mechanically separated chicken, but... xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen! Its Carol from STAMPOTIQUE! I LOVE what you did with some of our stamp images!!!! WONDERFUL! And yes, I second what the other gal said, YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING CLASSES!!!! I'd sign up!
You are just TOO GOOD!!!! We could all learn lots from you. Let me know when and where you decide to teach!