Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From The Snow On Monday...........

Wow! Chris took the kids up north to see play in the snow. I stayed home to play in the studio! They've only been to the snow once before and having grown up in it, I'm okay to miss the trip. They had a blast and the weather, while snowy, was beautiful and warm. Chris said he only had his long sleeves on most of the day - no coat!

The kids really had fun sledding and playing in the snow. They spent the whole day and even brought me a bed load of snow back to play with!

Here's a nice picture of some serious icicles. I remember seeing them like that - and worse! - growing up in upstate New York. We would run past houses & buildings that had them in fear that they would fall and impale us!They stopped at the local Quiznos only to find it closed. Look closely - click to enlarge, the roof caved in and the place is full of snow! Bummer for them! Everyone had a good time - what a great day trip!


dmarie said...

yea! you're back! looks like everyone had a fun day. i've gotta take ro one of these days. tim and i both grew up in snow (him:nebraska, me:chicago), so we don't really care, but she's never seen it!

Karen said...

Oh My Gosh! You are FAST!!!!!!!!!