Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funky Feline

Here's another page for a journal swap. Theme - Get Your Funk On! This was fun. I don't often work in bright colors and this got me thinking I need to get some more neon paint. I also discovered my 'newest' favorite art supply - Bingo Daubers! I had one in a box of stuff someone gave me from a garage sale. You know how people get stuff for you whenever they see it for cheap somewhere because they just 'know' you'll find a use for it? I have lots of that kind of stuff and very little of it actually goes to waste! So I'm pretty fortunate to have friends and family that feed my habit! That particular box came from my MIL, I believe - Thanks Char! Anyhow, I had a ball with this page. The colors, the dots, the cat with the glasses, and of course, the fringe! I'm just diggin' it. Hope you are too!


Todd said...

I am digging this big time!! Love it!

donna said...

she's soooo cute!! what are bingo daubers??